Weekend deals: Metro Redux, Mordor GOTY in the $5 bargain bin

New Year’s Eve savings

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You’ve thought about participating in the PC games winter sales this year, but your wallet’s still hurting from Christmas. Happily options are aplenty and the competition in these sales makes it all the better. At around the $5 – $10 mark there are some incredible deals to be had.

Everything Batman: Arkham Aslyum up to Batman: Arkham Origins is only $8.99 in Bundle Stars’ Winter Sale. The collection is worth checking out considering it’s $108 worth of games and DLC at list price. Beyond Batman, we’ve listed a dozen titles below that you should also check out. Some notables include Wolfenstein: The New Order for $5.35, ABZU for $5.05, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor GOTY for $4.49, and the Metro Redux bundle for $4.92 — all hitting new lows.

On the console side, the aggressive Xbox One S sale price continues into the New Year with $230 Battlefield 1 bundle or $223 Minecraft bundle. Newegg is also clearing out its stock of Xbox One S wireless controllers for $40 a pop (only the white color option remains as of writing).

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