Weekend deals: GameStop’s 4 used games for $10 and Humble’s Winter Sale

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It’s a three-day weekend for most people in the US (apology in advance if you’re not getting Monday off) and there’s no better time to scroll endlessly away on the web, basking in capitalism delight. If you’ve passed the holiday sales hangover, then this respite from our weekend deal hiatus may just be what the doctor ordered.

This week we’re spotting tons of sales event with GameStop continuing with their popular pre-owned game sale where you can pick up 4 used games under $4.99 for $10. It’s the same set of titles you’ve seen before and about 3,000 titles qualify. Most are of the old platform variety, though there are a dozen Wii U and PS4 titles, along with about sixty Xbox One games.

In Winter/New Year sale land, both GOG and Humble Store are continuing the PC digital game sale frenzy. If you missed out on Steam Store’s Winter Sale because you were in a cave somewhere during much of December (just like us!), Humble Store’s sale is essentially Steam Sale redux. GOG’s New Year sale is slightly better in our opinion as we’re spotting quite a bit more new historic low titles. In either case, check the links to both sales event below for a price breakdown on noteworthy picks.

Finally, in the hardware department, GameStop is offloading a number of pre-owned Wii U system starting at $139.99. You’ll find a Wii U 32GB system with two games for $139.99 (Lego Marvel Super Heroes and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed); or the better bundle for $169.99 with Super Smash Bros. and Super Mario 3D World; there’s also a console-only Wind Waker themed for $139.99 but we feel this is a moot deal given no games are included.

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