Weekend Deals: 15% off Modern Warfare Remastered for Steam, BOGO sales at Target and Best Buy

Comes with Inifnite Warfare too

PC gamers, treat yourself to some Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered nostalgia this weekend by picking up a copy at 15% off for $67.67. Oh least we forget, you’ll also get a free copy of Infinite Warfare to play with too. Yay? While the digital copy “sold out” for a brief time on GMG, it has since been restocked and Steam keys are once again being delivered immediately after purchase. Note: Deluxe and Standard are at 20% off.

On the console side of deals, there are several online sales going on at various big box retailers. Target is running a “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” sale on basically on all video games including yesterday’s Infinite Warfare. Note that Target’s deal ends later tonight. At Toys ‘R’ Us, they are also running a “Buy 1, Get 1 40% off” sale which gives rare discounts on Nintendo 3DS titles. Also notable for paid Gamers Club Unlocked members, there is an exclusive sale at Best Buy granting discounts on 27 console games with offers such as $25 for The Witcher 3: GOTY and $16 for Telltale’s Batman.

In Xbox One S news, the Microsoft Store is starting up its Xbox holiday bundle offers a bit earlier this year. Now when you buy a select Xbox One S Bundle through Microsoft, you get two bonus games free. The games are Ubisoft’s The Crew and a free game of your choice from a list of 18 which includes the new Infinite Warfare, Gears of War 4, and Battlefield 1. Probably the best consoles to snag this offer on are the brand new 500GB “Storm Grey” Battlefield 1 Bundle and Gears of War 4 Bundle, both of which are recently released on November 1.

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