Weekend Charity: Project Go Kart

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to toss some charity love your way with a Weekend Charity (part of that was me being on vacation), but with the holiday season already begun (woooo, early Hanukkah) there’s plenty of reason to give. This time the opportunity is with Project Go Kart, a campaign put together by the great folks at Gamers Outreach.

Project Go Kart puts specially designed, mobile gaming carts in hospitals across the country that can be used by children there who may be stuck in the hospital for a while. As Child’s Play has shown all of us, gaming can do wonders for a sick kid, and having easily accessible gaming rig like these available must be really amazing.

If you’re not down with donating you can help another way. The video above explains that Wicked Interactive has agreed to donate a dollar for every person who signs up and creates a character in their free-to-play MMO M.A.T. Even if you aren’t interested in the game you can create a character while watching the latest episode of Destructoid (The Show) and help a sick kid feel a lot better.

[Thanks Chris E.]

Matthew Razak