Weekend Charity: Destroying golden wrenches for good

Have you seen a golden wrench in the wilds of Team Fortress 2? I haven’t, but I don’t play that often and only 100 of them were handed out to totally random people.

Not everyone was very happy about that, and cries about the game not being as much fun with the golden wrenches around went out. One of these golden wrenches went to WiNGSPANTT and he surprisingly agrees with all the complaints despite the fact that the golden wrench does nothing but aid him. So he’s going to destroy it, but he’s doing it in the name of good.

Between now and Aug. 23 WiNGSPANTT is collecting donations for Child’s Play. Then on Aug. 31 he and six other golden wrench owners who have joined him will destroy their wrenches for good. The event has already raised more than $4,700 by promising to destroy one of the rarest items in gaming, and they’re hoping to bring in more. If you wish to applaud the sacrifice these seven gamers are making you can head over to Top Tier Tactics and donate.

Matthew Razak