Cutesy spider platformer Webbed launches today on PC

Eight legs and an attitude

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Goddamn, I love those cutesy, clockwork spiders — all big eyes and weird, janky movement — and today I can actually be one, as can you, with the launch of fun-looking platform adventure Webbed, now available on PC via Steam.

Developed by Australian indie outfit Sbug Games, (and who knows spiders better than the Aussies), Webbed tells a dramatic underdog tale of a young female spider who embarks on a quest to rescue her beloved mate from the clutches of a terrifying bowerbird. While understandably diminutive in stature, our eight-legged friend will use her mastery of silken web-work to traverse the bushland environment, fend off predators, and meet fellow bug-world friends and allies. What fate awaits our hero and her boyfriend, and how can she possibly hope to face off against the mighty bowerbird?

Oh, and there are also some skateboarding sequences.

I’ve had this title on my radar for a long time. As former Podtoid listeners might remember, I described this concept on the show years back as an idea for a game I’d absolutely love to play. I dig the ironic dangers of a microscopic world, the inventive and cool web mechanics, and the adorable animation of the spider and her friends and enemies. While I personally have a lot of work on deck, I’m hoping to get to Webbed very soon, and will be sure to let you know my thoughts once I’ve swung my way through its wild world.

Webbed is available today on PC via Steam.

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