Web site noob.com hints at forthcoming new Mortal Kombat info

As early as last year, Midway has gone as far as to admit a new, Unreal Engine 3.0-powered Mortal Kombat title is in the works. While details have been scarce, that soon may be coming to an end. A countdown has appeared on Noob.com, a Web site registered to Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon — so what’s next?

There’s not much to go on, other than the fact that the Web site’s logo bears the iconic Mortal Kombat logo. Coincidentally, the countdown ties in nicely with Midway’s upcoming Gamer’s Day, which takes place in Las Vegas on April 17. I’ve never claimed to be smart, but it does seem like a safe bet that we’ll see some information on the next iteration of the Mortal Kombat franchise in the coming month. I’m also going to say that it will be a fighting game — you heard it here first, folks.

I’ll be sure to pass along any updates from Midway’s Las Vegas event as soon as I can shake the resulting hangover. Midway might not be able to spell “combat” correctly, but they sure know how to party.

Nick Chester