Web site Arcade Fly helps you find an arcade and games near you

I enjoy wasting a $20 bill in an arcade on a lazy afternoon. Sure, you could play the same games at home, but there’s something about a noisy arcade that brings me back to my childhood, so I still seek them out.

Finding one has become easier with a site called Arcade Fly. Simply drop in an address into the search box and find arcades near you. It’s not perfect yet, though. It listed a Mazzio’s Pizza as an arcade near me. I’ve been there. It’s a Hydro Thunder unit only, and it’s not even the good “ass shaking” cabinet.

I like the Games feature of the page. Click on a game and find out which arcades have the title and how far away they are from you. Street Fighter 4 is in 26 arcades in this listing.  A couple of them are closer than I thought, too!

[Via Arcade Heroes]

Dale North