Weather the storm tomorrow in The Division’s Survival add-on

Snowball fight

Tom Clancy’s The Division finds common ground with The BeeGees tomorrow: They’re both all about (ah ah ah ah) stayin’ alive.

The second add-on for The Division makes its way to two-thirds of available platforms on November 22. Ubisoft has announced that Survival will be ready to play on PC and Xbox One tomorrow. PS4 users have to wait until December 20, because of timed exclusivity rights with Microsoft’s platform.

This DLC has a player versus environment component along with the usual player versus player aspect. The premise is that a snowstorm has hit New York, and you’re just trying to survive. You need to find food, clothes, shelter — all the stuff you’d expect when faced with brutal conditions. However, other people also want to kill you.

The Survival game mode is session-based, with each one taking upward of two hours. There are 24 people in each session. As Ubisoft notes, it “takes place in a modified version of Manhattan,” effectively “reusing the whole open world.”

Survival is added as part of the 1.5 update, but that’s not all that has changed about The Division. Ubisoft outlines all the more granular changes on the game’s site. Regardless of the gear you have, make sure to put on the big puffy jacket.

The Division Update 1.5: Survival — Patch Notes [The Division]

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