We record Podtoid 52 tonight; give us questions, insults, and sound files


Gentleman Dinosaur LIVES!

Created by AgentMOO for his multiplayer work-in-progress, AMMO (there’ll be a session on Friday night, for all those who would like to attend), we finally have our first — but hopefully not final — version of Jim and Aaron’s Gentleman Dinosaur.

Tonight at 8 pm PST, we again return to that most comforting of Podtoid structures: the random news episode. We’ll be talking about game review vocabulary, first-person parkour and, if we’re not careful, probably more stuff about GTA IV

But what does this mean for you?

Well, there’s still time to submit an entry in the MGS Podtoid contest, write a sonnet (this week’s sonnet theme: the Gentleman Dinosaur), and, of course, ask a question of the cast that may or may not net you twenty-five dollar dollar dollar bills.

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