We need to see more of Nintendo of Europe’s president Satoru Shibata

Petition to get Reggie to do the Yo-Kai dance, now

I like Bill Trinen’s dad jokes as much as the next guy, but Nintendo of Europe’s Satoru Shibata stole the show yesterday in the separate UK Nintendo Direct. In an adorable move reminiscent of the legendary Satoru Iwata, Shibata celebrated the impending release of Yo-Kai Watch over in Europe the only way he knew how — by dancing along to the TV show’s closing credit sequence.

The promo starts innocently enough with the show’s characters on-screen and all of a sudden there’s Shibata, dancing along! You can watch it for yourself at 19:00 in the below video.

You heard it here first folks — I’m officially starting a petition to get Reggie Fils-Aimé to do his own rendition of the dance. In the meantime, getting more Shibata with our Nintendo Directs wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Nintendo Direct UK [YouTube via Kotaku]

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