We might learn more about IGA’s next project on Monday

Or he might just be effing with us

Since Tuesday, I have been watching SwordOrWhip.com, the teaser site for former Castlevania producer Koji Igarashi’s next project. Given the hashtag #igavania, the reference to iconic weaponry, and his previous comments about wanting to make his dream game, it seems like a safe assumption that this is all building up to an announcement about an IGA-directed Castlevania-like.

We may know more as early as next week, according to the message I received after voting for #TeamSword for the umpteenth time. Over the course of the past few days the messages have evolved, some hinting at a battle between the two camps, some taunting obsessed clickers like me, and some just keeping track of which weapon is garnering more votes. (It’s whip, sadly.)

But tonight, after what was going to be my last click before going to bed, I was met with the message above. It seems pretty clear; something is going to happen on Monday morning. Of course, we can only assume it’s this coming Monday morning, and “11” isn’t exactly helpful given the whole timezone thing. It could mean we in the United States will hear more on Sunday evening, if it’s 11 in the morning Japan time. “Watch” is a bit more pointed; there ought to be a video ready to go. Here’s hoping for some gameplay footage.

So yeah. Monday morning at 11. Be on the Internet, and maybe something Igarashi-related will happen. Hopefully.

Darren Nakamura
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