We made these Zombie Apocalypse screens safe for your family

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Yesterday, Konami announced that its four-player shooter Zombie Apocalypse would be hitting Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network next week.

Today, the publisher passed along some screens. Odd thing — they asked us to put the screens behind an age gate, at the request of the ESRB. Not only do we not have the ability to do that here at Destructoid, but it’s not something that has ever come up. Sure, we’ve been asked to put trailers behind age gates. But screenshots? This is a first. 

Still, we wanted to deliver this Zombie Apocalypse content to you. But in order to respect the wishes of the ESRB, we had to make a few edits in order to make sure the screenshots were safe for work and your family. While we can’t show it to you, rest assured that beneath our edits are some of the messiest, bloodiest piles of zombie gore in any digital download game. We promise.

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