We Love Katamari Reroll+ Royal Reverie coming June 2

We Love Katamari Reroll

We are moved to tears

Katamari Reroll was pretty great, but it left me thinking, “I wish they had remastered We Love Katamari instead.” I suppose Bandai-Namco just needed some time, as they have announced We Love Katamari Reroll+ Royal Reverie, an update to 2005’s PS2 title.

While the main draw here is the glow-up of We Love Katamari, it does promise the ability to play as the young King of All Cosmos in five challenges. There’s also a selfie camera for some reason. If you didn’t get the chance to play We Love Katamari back in the day, you’re in for a treat. It took everything that made Katamari Damacy great and amped it up. There’s a stage where you bulk up a sumo wrestler by rolling him over food. That’s all you need to know.

You might also want to know that We Love Katamari Reroll+ Royal Reverie is coming June 2nd.

Zoey Handley
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