We Happy Few is getting a season pass and a free sandbox update

It’s nearly here

I’ve mostly kept out of We Happy Few‘s orbit since it was released as an Early Access game in 2016, and I’m kind of glad as its focus has changed so much that it’s a completely different project. 

Originally set as a sandbox survival game it’s now a linear focused story, but that whole sandbox angle is planned as a post-launch update. As announced on their blog an update will come that will add a free sandbox mode into the mix with customizable sliders. According to developer Compulsion Games “this mode will bring back the systemic sandbox world showcased in the early days of We Happy Few.” A Season Pass is also confirmed with three stories in tow: Roger & James, Lightbearer, and We All Fall Down.

A a reminder Microsoft acquired Compulsion Games and announced it to the world during E3 this past June. The PS4 version is still being released later this week when the game debuts on August 10, similar to the situation when Microsoft acquired Minecraft developer Mojang in 2014.

The Season Pass! What is it? [Compulsion Games]

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