We had entirely too much fun with the Madden GIFerator

No one uses this thing for trash talk

EA Sports had this crazy idea that sounded as though, in a perfect world, it just might work. They empowered football fans to create their own GIFs complete with player animations, backgrounds, and smack talk with an impossible easy-to-use generator that even a monkey can figure out — we know, because we did. They called it the Madden GIFerator, and it was good. 

Originally “designed to help fans celebrate their favorite team’s biggest plays and challenge their rivals,” the GIFerator has spawned hundreds of GIFs that go far beyond simple jabs at other teams between sports fans. 

The Destructoid team took to the GIFerator to see what irreverent silliness we could come up with, and the results are, well, just about what you’d expect. Here’s the cream of the crop from those who participated. You know what that means, don’t you? You have to create your own and share it below. 

We’ll be waiting. 

Brett Makedonski

Chris Carter

Brittany Vincent

Bill Platt

Andy Dixon

Niero Gonzalez

Darren Nakamura


Jordan Devore

Max Scoville

Steven Hansen

Alasdair Duncan

Patrick Hancock

Elliot Gay

Josh Tolentino

Dale North

Kyle MacGregor

Brittany Vincent