We got a few more details on Death Stranding at TGS

Coming not very soon

Game developer and Konami survivor Hideo Kojima took part in a Death Stranding question and answer session last night at the Tokyo Game Show. I don’t speak Japanese, so I haven’t a clue what was said, but the Kojima Productions Twitter page was updated with a few key points of interest from the event.

So it’s (hopefully) releasing within the next four years and will feature a new type of co-op. I tell you the drip-feed of information we’ll get until we finally see just what the hell he is making is going to be excruciating. A trailer was shown at the end of the event, but it was the same one we saw back at E3.

In case you’re wondering who else besides Norman Reedus will star in the game, apparently Kojima is still filling up the cast.

Looking for a female lead? Surely Destructoid readers have some suggestions.

CJ Andriessen
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