We finally get to see the brutal Berserker Armor in Berserk Musou


Some of the coolest parts of Berserk are the arcs no one sees in the multitude of anime adaptations. Rather, they’re tucked away in the [good] manga series, where Guts has to live with the choices of his friend Griffith and acquires a number of different weapons to battle the demonic forces that constantly pursue him.

One of those pieces it the Berserker Armor, a cursed relic that unlocks a person’s pain limitations, and puts them in an unstable “Batman Scarecrow fear gas” type of state. It makes for some great scenes, and as it turns out, great gameplay in the upcoming Koei Tecmo Berserk game.

As of now they’re still going with “Working Title: Berserk,” but there’s a listing for Berserk and the Band of the Hawk on Amazon Japan.

Chris Carter
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