We dub thee: Team Adorablesocks!

Gaming tattoos are the new thick-rimmed glasses. They’re an outwardly visible expression of inner-geekery that immediately identifies one as the sort who could sit for hours discussing the varied merits of the Tanuki Suit versus, say, oral herpes. Such tattoos also set a person apart as a distinct breed of geek; the kind who mixes Ramones albums in with their Final Fantasy OSTs, and who might actually laugh when you make a joke about Malfurion’s antlers. In short, these people are my favorite kind of people.

With that in mind, in bring you the above picture. It’s of a bit of recent inkwork attached to the leg of Livejournal user ‘yevon’. The Cactuar is the older piece, while the Pikachu is the newer addition, and the both of them together make a formidable duo that I have dubbed: Team Adorablesocks!

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