We don’t go to Ravenholm, but we can make it come to us

A great little weekend story, this. A man who recently held a Half-Life 2-inspired Halloween party is giving away his setpieces, which were based on the classic Ravenholm chapter of Valve’s masterwork. As you can see, sawblades, a headcrab rocket and some superb looking ammo crates could be yours. Now all you need are the muffled screams of alien zombie slaves to have your very own Ravenholm.

If you live in Minneapolis, you can find him on Craiglist and nab these props. Certainly nothing I’d ever buy, but at free I’d have to say that a headcrab rocket burrowed in the center of my bedroom would be a great decoration to go with those still-warm female corpses on my wall. 

[Again, thanks Electro Lemon]

James Stephanie Sterling