We discuss how much we loved the Resident Evil 2 ‘One-Shot’ demo on today’s Impulse


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Since both Dan and I listed Resident Evil 2 as one of our most anticipated games for 2019, we obviously had to the play the new “One-Shot” demo over the weekend. After a grueling 30 minutes spent running through the renovated ruins of Raccoon City PD, the two of us sat down and discussed what we loved about Capcom’s re-imagining of this horror classic. Needless to say, we were impressed.

I’m particularly in awe of the gore effects, which look positively gruesome. Shooting off specific limbs and even fingers has never been so grotesquely rendered before. Leon’s also got a lot of charm for being the baby faced hero he once was. I can’t wait to revisit the blossoming sort of romance between him and Ada Wong.

If you aren’t keen to sit down for nine minutes with YouTube, why not check out the SoundCloud version of Impulse? Through the magic of Dan’s wonderful editing, he and I can follow you around your own dilapidated ruins of a police department. If you’re listening to us in a condemned building, though, you might not have your priorities straight.

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