‘We Dare Flirty Fun For All’ coming to Wii/PS3

A couple of Australian online shops have listed a new Ubisoft game titled We Dare Flirty Fun For All due for February 10, 2011. The party game is aimed at young adults who want to “SPICE UP their parties with SEXY challenges” and should include provocative controls with some innovative use of the Wii/Move controller.

For some reason Mature settings and “Matchmaking features” are a selling point, but don’t tell the young adults that or they might turn it on. It sounds like another generic compilation with “Dancing, Physical Contact, Trivia” minigames. Or a modern game version of spin the bottle? I’m sure most groups of teenage friends will have at least one Wii between them.

HMV also lists a We Dare for June 26 in the UK, so perhaps it’s only the first of a new series like the Imagine series? HMV is not the best when it comes to final dates or names, so don’t get your hopes up. It does sound like we might just have found our next awful birthday gift game.

Finally, a party game with SEXY challenges [Aussie-Nintendo via GoNintendo] [Image]

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