We can finally grab the Kirin Rider pendant in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne next week

You don’t have to play the Japan-only Monster Hunter Riders

Monster Hunter: World is a worldwide phenom, but sometimes, you’ll bump into fellow hunters hailing from a different region who have eye-catching gear you can’t access. It’s hard not to be jealous! More to the point, if you’ve ever seen a little floating Kirin, it’s a pendant, and we’ll be able to get it next week.

The Kirin Rider pendant was a tie-in for Japan’s Monster Hunter Riders mobile game, which is why you’ve potentially come across it on your treks here and there but haven’t heard much about it.

Next Friday, February 19, Iceborne players will be able to claim the Kirin pendant as free DLC.

If the idea behind this giveaway was to get me to log into this game – a game I love but haven’t been keeping up with lately – only to become hooked all over again, well, the ploy will work. You got me.

Jordan Devore
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