We aren’t getting a Spider-Man release date anytime soon

Maybe we’ll hear something in Ock-tober or Web-ruary

Here’s another entry in the No News Is Sometimes News (Kind Of) file: Insomniac Games says that it’s a long ways away from letting us know when Spider-Man is going to come out. Say it ain’t so, Spidey.

In a tweet to a fan earlier today, an Insomniac representative said “All we said was there was no release date. Likely not going to announce one anytime soon.” That’s double the non-news because not only do we not have a date to keep in mind for launch, we don’t even have a window to look forward to for when we might expect to learn more. It’s just one big question mark.

What we do know is limited. We know that this game will feature a “more mature” Peter Parker, that it’s a PS4 exclusive, and that the entirety of the fantastic reveal trailer was captured in-engine. Beyond that, well, our Spidey Sense isn’t tingling yet.

@insomniacgames [Twitter via DualShockers]

Brett Makedonski
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