WayForward passion project gets picked up by Amazon

First person horror! Boss Fights! Sailor Moon!

Til Morning’s Light is a new original I.P. from WayForward, published by Amazon, to appear exclusively on Amazon Fire Phone. It reminds me of what Platinum and Nintendo did with Bayonetta 2, According to WayForward’s Adam Tierney, Amazon came to the developer and said “Look, guys, we’re going to do something, stop trying to pitch us – just tell us what you want to do”. Tierney had the for Til Morning’s Light five years ago – “a spooky adventure game with this cool little teenage protagonist – an interesting one that we really held dear to our heart”, but for various reasons, it never came together. Now he’s finally getting to make it.

A lot of people associate WayForward with 2D platformers, but they also have a long standing history with 3D Horror titles, from Lit to their multiple unpublished Silent Hill games. Clearly this game means a lot to Tierney, so much so that he chose to develop it over Cat Girl Without Salad. We can guess that means either Til Morning’s Light is a fantastic idea, or Adam Tierney is a monster (or both). 

The game is being co-written by Tierney and Eric Nylund (Halo book series) and features voice acting by Stephanie Sheh (Sailor Moon) and Cam Clarke (Metal Gear Solid). They’ve even put together a free audio book read by Sheh to help promote the game. Sounds like Amazon is giving WayForward both creative freedom and a healthy budget. It’s nice to see that happen every once and a while. 

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Jonathan Holmes
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