WayForward alumni made a mobile game about a shapeshifting Magical Girl pop idol

It misses the mark though, sadly

Veecaloid Pop is out this week on iOS devices, and the level of commitment you’ll need for it is described as “Flappy Bird-esque.” That’s about on point, as the only commands on-screen are “tap” and “drag.” The object of Veecaloid is to gather various objects littered across the screen, themed to either a Magical Girl or pop idol — for instance, cats, or microphones respectively.

You’ll need to shift your personality by tapping the screen, then quickly holding to move around and pick up said objects. If you touch something of a different persuasion, you’ll lose a life, and losing too many will force a restart. It’s simple enough with a cute premise, but the execution with the controls is pretty poor. To morph you’ll have to tap, and then drag across the screen without letting your finger up. If you even tap again instinctively or accidentally (both a common occurrence), you’ll shift back and usually lose a life.

It’s probably too simplistic for an eShop release, but at the very least, Veecaloid Pop has an interesting soundtrack and that classic, impressive art style WayForward developers are known for — though it’s not technically a real WayForward project.

Chris Carter
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