Wayfinder updates are on the way including new Season, character, and live event

Wayfinder’s second season unleashes the fury of beast Grendel.

Wayfinder 2 Call of the Void update Season 2

Big updates are on the way for MMO Wayfinder. Developer Airship Syndicate revealed the updates during their Wayfinder Wednesday blog post. In the near future, a mid-season update is on the horizon bringing a new live event called Call of the Void as well as some new content. Later, Season 2 will kick off and see the release of a new Wayfinder character named Grendel. An in-depth look at the new content from the mid-season update will be coming in early October.

The Fierce Beast Grendel

A new Wayfinder named Grendel will be joining the roster of characters with Season 2. The ferocious beast will be available immediately for players who have an Awakened or Exalted Founder’s pack. Other players will have the ability to farm the components required to craft Grendel, who will then be permanently unlocked.

Other than the teaser trailer, Airship Syndicate hasn’t released much about Grendel just yet. According to his description, Grendel is an enraged berserker who explodes into battle in a whirlwind of speed and fury. His full reveal details will be coming soon.

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Mid-season Live Event and New Content

The first-ever live event, Call of the Void, will have stranger rifts appearing all across the Highlands. Players will be able to seek out and explore the rifts which are full of mysteries and surprises. Two new quests will lead players into the flames as they confront the Highlands Fire Lord. Another quest titled The Final Score will unlock the Drill Machine, a new secret weapon constructed deep in the Mines.

A new Lost Zone, Gloom Dungeon, and a new weapon called Juggernaut are also coming in the update. Wayfinders who complete the event will gain access to an exclusive Gloom Dagger skin called Dawning Hope.

Finally, a slew of quality-of-life and balance updates will be coming to Wayfinder in phases. You can find the full patch notes full of fixes on the Wayfinder Wednesday blog post.

UPDATE: An earlier version of this post incorrectly stated that Season 2 was titled Call of the Void. Call of the Void is actually a live event that is part of an upcoming mid-season update with new content, whereas Grendel will come to Wayfinder with Season 2. We apologize for the incorrect information!

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