Wave goodbye to Brash Entertainment and try not too look too happy about it

Brash Entertainment, makers of seminal classics such as Alvin and the Chipmunks and Jumper have had some issues lately. Recently we’ve heard about cancelled games and employees getting their pink slips. But all that’s over now, according to Variety, as the film franchise game developer shuts its doors.

Things haven’t looked too good for the gang in a while. Co-founder Thomas Tull left back in October, citing “quality concerns.” And, let’s face it, if you start a company with the intent of making games based on film licenses and suddenly develop a conscience about them, something is obviously very wrong.

I know, I know. We were all looking forward to Saw in the form of a videogame. Actually, now that I think about it, if they based it on the first film and allowed me to commit unspeakable acts on Cary Elwes for agreeing to appear in that abominable torture-porn in the first place (destroying the love I had for him as an actor… and a man), I would have plunked down day-one cash for that masterpiece. Damn. Now I’m really sorry I won’t get that opportunity. 

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