Watch_Dogs and Stanley_Parable are both free on Epic Games Store right now

Another solid week

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Another 1/52 of a year has gone by since we last wrote this article. After the earth revolves around its axis another seven times, we’ll write this article again. We’ll keep doing that until the earth makes one trip around the sun, and maybe for longer after that.

If the banality of it all has you grasped tight in its clutches, break free by playing The_Stanley_Parable. It’s free on the Epic Games Store for approximately 168 hours. You can also download the original Watch_Dogs for free if that’s more to your tastes.

Both games are about rebellion — Watch_Dogs as a tech-driven revolution using public infrastructure, Stanley_Parable much more orderly in that you’re not gonna keep pressing a button all day. Anyway, download these games. Although, now that we’ve told you to download them, it’s much more in the spirit of The_Stanley_Parable if you don’t download it. (But seriously, you should play it.)

The Stanley Parable, Watch Dogs [Epic Games Store]

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