Watch while you can: Leaked glimpse of the new Mega Man cartoon

It looks…OK!

[Update 2: And it’s down again. Sorry folks!]

[Update: Looks like the original video was taken down, but thankfully, YouTube’s ShadowRockZX put together a detailed breakdown of the relevant footage before it was too late.]

Fun Fact: I was a part of a “Nielsen family” back when the Ruby Spears Mega Man cartoon first aired in the United States. It smelled, but I gave it top ratings anyway, because I loved Mega Man and I always wanted Mega Man to win, even when he smells. So you may have me to “thank” for the second season of that show. 

Mega Man fans around the world have had plenty of reason to believe that the upcoming show from Man of Action might smell just as bad. It’s hard to imagine how a tiny robot that leaps out of Mega Man’s head could be anything more than a frown maker. That said, the few seconds of the upcoming cartoon shown in the promotional reel above look good enough for me. Fire Man and Drill Man have redesigns that stay true enough to the originals, and Mega Man’s chunky legs don’t show any signs of smelling. At least, not yet anyway. 

The reel sure to be taken down as soon as the owners of the show real fast, so get a load of it while the getting is good. 

First Look at the New Mega Man Animated Series [Rockman Corner]

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