Watch today’s big Nintendo Direct right here

Going live in 20 minutes

The gaming world will come to a standstill in approximately 20 minutes as all eyes are trained on Nintendo. For the better part of the next hour, we’ll learn more about what the next three months holds for Switch.

This afternoon’s 40-minute Nintendo Direct focuses on 2019 Switch games. Only two games have been explicitly mentioned: Pokémon Sword and Shield, and Luigi’s Mansion 3.

But that’s not really how Nintendo rolls. These Directs move at a fast and furious pace, and Pokémon  and Luigi’s Mansion will probably eat up a combined 90 seconds. There’s going to be a lot more and it’s gonna be exciting. Overwatch and Assassin’s Creed Switch ports are just a couple plausible rumors.

Kick back, put your commenting pants on, and take it all in right alongside us. In the event that you can’t watch, we’ll be covering all the news as fast as our little blogging fingers can type. Eventually they’ll crack like the clean snap of a dead stick under your foot on a cool autumn day. The things we do for you.

Brett Makedonski
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