Watch this guy building a game console into a cement Thwomp

Just have to wait for it to reset

I love watching stuff get made. Whether it’s chocolate, chains, or sweet ninja swords, I always find it fascinating to see the step-by-step process that goes into making a finished product from a bunch of raw materials.

In this video, Wes Swain shows how he built an emulator with USB outputs into a concrete replica of a Thwomp from the Super Mario series. You may remember Wes as the cool dad who created a Mario Kart themed nursery last year. The video’s a bit long but it shows all the mistakes he made, which is entertaining in its own way. 

I found it really cool watching the creation process beginning with nothing but an image file and leading all the way to the finished product. The end result is the heaviest, most well-protected Raspberry Pi I’ve ever seen. Not sure why he didn’t show it playing a Mario title at the end, though.

LET’S MAKE: Cement Thwomp Retro Game Console [YouTube]

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