Watch the set of a musician who composes music to competitive Smash Bros.

From the mind of Nicholas Caleb Goss

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Nicholas Caleb Goss has quite a future ahead of him.

Recently he unveiled his project “Musical Mango,” which, through the help of a jazz band, is a composition inspired by competitive Smash Bros. battles by Jose “Mango” Marquez. Goss goes a bit further in his inspiration than most, as he times various crescendos based on the rhythm of the fight and what’s happening.

Seeing folks create art around eSports is not just experimental, but inspirational. It’s also insane that this many people still support and swear by Melee. No matter how much effort Nintendo puts into making people like their shiny new entries, people will always stand by that game.

Musical Mango [YouTube via Kotaku]

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