Watch the Rise of the Tomb Raider gamescom demo

Rise from your tomb!

Brett caught up with (and previewed) Rise of the Tomb Raider at gamescom 2015 and what we saw didn’t sound all that different from what I saw at E3 2015. Not too surprising this close to launch of a sequel that already has it’s formula down pat.

Now it’s just presented with more stealth options, bigger tombs and hub areas, and ratcheting up to Uncharted level car chase, helicopter gunfire cutscenes.

Looks well good. As far as a feather in Microsoft’s cap (given the timed exclusivity), I would say it’s far from the glorious peacock feathers I used to pick up at the San Francisco zoo (they let the peacocks roam around freely). It’s more like a bluejay feather. Your face scrunches up a bit, you nod agreeably, and say, “yeah, suppose this is an alright feather.”

Steven Hansen