Watch the final free episode of Final Fantasy XV: Brotherhood here

With a boss fight

The last free episode of Final Fantasy XV: Brotherhood anime is out, and you can watch the conclusion of the encounter that started in the first clip before it was interrupted by character studies from each party member. You also get to see Noctis’ father, Regis, be a complete badass in a flashback. This one is basically all action with little in the way of exposition, but it’s entertaining all the same, and I’ve enjoyed the run overall.

Square Enix calls it the “thrilling conclusion,” but there’s actually a sixth bonus episode included in select editions of the full game. XV‘s producer also confirmed that if enough people like it, we could see more Brotherhood.

That sounds good to me even if it was simulcast on Crunchyroll — as long as it’s not gated behind one of the many special editions. I actually bought into Noctis’ relationships, so hopefully that drama carries over into the actual game.

Previous episodes:

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