Watch the Final Fantasy XV voice cast get sappy right before the game finally comes out

What if there was another delay

It’s hard to believe that Final Fantasy XV is real and that it’s out next month, on November 29.

After a number of delays, reworks, rewrites, and re announcements, it’s one of Square Enix’s born and bred white whales that fans basically give up on. Now it’s just up to Square to make its money back — which seems like an insurmountable task, even if it’s helped by a season pass, multiple launch editions, a feature film, and an array of minigames.

Plus, this might not be the last time we see Notcis and crew, as several development teams have mentioned using him in Final Fantasy related games like Dissidia Arcade and Final Fantasy XIV. If you’re sick of XV, they’re only getting started! It’s hard to get frustrated though this close to release, especially after watching this infectious video from the English voice cast.

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