Watch the entire Final Fantasy XV E3 presentation here

Also, ‘Wait Mode’ debuts

For most people, this nearly hour long presentation from Square Enix will seem like an indoctrination video — a clip that a dystopian city shows you before wiping your memory — about how awesome Final Fantasy XV is. But for fans, it’s another source of sweet, sweet information.

In addition to some little tidbits here and there, the main event is easily the revelation of the “Wait Mode,” which is an option setting that can be toggled in the options menu. It’s all in the name — it’s like the traditional turn-based RPG systems of old, in that it pauses the action from time to time to allow players more time to decide their next action. The game’s director Hajime Tabata noted that he doesn’t see it as an “easy mode” per se, just something different, in that some might find combat more strategic (I can see that, like Dragon Age‘s tactical view).

Feel free to watch the whole presentation below, or just watch the clip on Wait Mode at the bottom.

Chris Carter
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