Watch the Destiny: Rise of Iron leaked trailer while you can

Another ad boner, plus Iron Gjallarhorn

Joining yesterday’s Watch Dogs 2 advertisement leak, Destiny‘s upcoming Rise of Iron has had its trailer leaked via a Snapchat ad ahead of Bungie’s planned livestream. If the video is no longer there it’s because someone at Activision was woken up with a panicked phone call and worked to get it removed.

If it’s still there, you can see some video of the stuff that leaked yesterday: “The usual expansion content like new gear, missions, a raid, and a maximum light level increase are on their way…There’s also new Plaguelands zone and a social space alongside new Crucible modes and maps. Perhaps of biggest note is that a new enemy faction is on the way. As long as they’re not closer to re-skins like the Taken faction was, that’s a first.”

The one new addition? Destiny‘s over-powered rocket launcher, Gjallarhorn, is back, rechristened Iron Gjallarhorn and painted black.

Steven Hansen