Watch Sony’s new State of Play stream right here

MediEvil demo? Last of Us Part II news?

Sony is back with its “State of Play” series, which operates kind of like how Nintendo’s Directs have in the past. With just a few under the publisher’s belt there’s definitely room to grow, and today’s stream will sport a “fresh new look,” so here’s hoping it’s a tad less dry this time around.

What do we expect to see? Well Last of Us II news is confirmed, which could involve a potential February 2020 release date. The existence of a MediEvil remake demo has also been leaked, which points to an “out right now!” surprise announcement. Batman rumors have been flying around, which would be the biggest State of Play-exclusive news to date if that materializes.

What won’t this State of Play touch on? Anything PS5 related, so don’t get your hopes up. Strap in for the next 20 minutes starting at 4PM ET and join us, where we’ll be covering all the big news.

Chris Carter
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