Watch Solid Snake kick Mario’s ass. Also, he wants to eat Yoshi

Well isn’t this a pleasant surprise? The DOJO has easily become another epic week with the newest videos showing off Solid Snake in action. It looks like on Snake’s stage, he will get a briefing before he fights his opponents from his various team members. The first video goes over Mario and shows Snake kicking some ass.  

Hit the jump for the very funny briefings on Wario, Samus, Yoshi and METAL GEARS?! 

Briefing on Yoshi: “How about I capture one so we can see what they taste like?”Briefing on Wario: “He also attacks by farting … ” “By farting … Are you kidding me?!Briefing on Samus: “Mei Ling, Samus took her clothes off!”

Snake’s stage is called Shadow Moses Island and recreates the structure in front of the helipad on the island. The walls that keep the stage closed in can be destroyed to open it up a bit more. Metal Gear REX, RAY and one newer Gear (MGS4 Gear?!) will come into the stage at random. 

Funny how it was just yesterday that we were talking about David Hayter voicing Solid Snake for Brawl. So do I even have to ask how much more excited you can get for this game? 

Hamza Aziz