Watch Pokemon: The First Movie online for free

Poor Mewtwo

You can now watch Pokémon: The First Movie via Pokémon TV, The Pokémon Company’s official video streaming service, via your web browser, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, or Android device.

I can still remember (albeit vaguely) waiting in line outside the theater to watch this back in 1999, and still have the promotional Pokémon cards to prove it. You know, somewhere. I haven’t looked at those things in years. But now I’m feeling a tad wistful and might have to dig the damn things out.

If you also saw the movie that year, you might remember it coming tethered to the short film Pikachu’s Vacation, but this just cuts to the chase and gets right to Mewtwo’s origin story.

This comes as part of The Pokémon Company’s 20th anniversary celebrations, which also include releasing the original trilogy on 3DS later this month and Pokkén Tournament a few weeks later.

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Kyle MacGregor Burleson