Watch Overwatch’s ninja-centric ‘Dragons’ short here

Hanzo and Genji

Blizzard is continuing its salvo of comics and short films with “Dragons,” which deals with Genji and Hanzo of the Shimada clan. Long story short — Genji didn’t want the responsibility of his family’s legacy, so his brother took him out, forcing him to don a cyborg exoskeleton to survive.

So how’s the short? Pretty good actually! It kicks off with some beautiful artwork of Japan’s countryside, followed by a look at Hanamura, which is a level that actually appears in the game. You also get to see what Genji looks like under the mask (his face at least), and you didn’t even have to get the Legendary ending for it!

As a reminder, here’s a collection of every bit of Overwatch lore to date.

Chris Carter
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