Watch out for this Necromancer’s bone prison

Heroes of the Storm character rundown

Whether you’re planning to try Xul the Necromancer in Heroes of the Storm next week or not, this character spotlight video is worth watching. Learn his strengths and also how to exploit them.

The skeleton-raising, scythe-swinging melee specialist hails from the Diablo series, and while he’s looking like a “beefed-up Rob Zombie” these days (shout-out to reader MSO for that one!), he hasn’t forgotten how to throw down the ol’ bone prison. Better keep your distance.

Halfway through the video, Xul inexplicably starts dancing. Please watch it.

Blizzard also posted about a pair of features making it to Heroes of the Storm in the next patch: more observer slots in custom games (six spots, up from two) and the option to ping elements in your HUD to alert teammates about things like low health or mana and ability cooldowns. Not the most elegant solution for better communication, perhaps, but I’ll surely use the system.

Here’s a Sneak Peek at Two Upcoming Heroes Features []

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