Watch out for a potential game-wrecking bug in the Witcher 3

If you aren’t getting XP, wait

Here’s another hazardous Witcher 3 bug to look out for, at least until it’s fixed. This week’s Witcher 3 patch brought with it an unexpected bug that makes it so players are not getting experience for quests.

Keep doing enough quests without the XP rewards and you might just play your way into being unable to keep pace with the game.

Thankfully this bug is a bit easier to notice. If you don’t get experience, hold up on playing. From the Witcher 3 forum:  “Quests that are 6 levels (or more) lower than yours are not granting experience. Anything else should reward you with exp.”

Not too long later the same developer wrote, “We have found the issue and started working on a fix. We’re especially sorry about this bug!” So hopefully if you come across the bug you won’t have to shelve Witcher 3 for too long. Though you can probably use a break anyway.

Exp bug makes game impossible to play –> cdprojekt please reply [Witcher 3 Forum]

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