Watch me on COIN-OP TV tonight!

Look, I’m in a fancy promotional graphic! My mom will be so proud!

The fantastic folks over at COIN-OP TV have generously asked me to be a guest on their show tonight live at 8pm PT (11pm ET)! I think you can just click here to watch it. Or here. Actually, I am not sure where you click. I guess at 8:00 the show just starts or something. Man, I am so dumb when it comes to these futuristic forms of entertainment.

As of now I am not exactly sure what the topics of discussions will be, but I hope at some point I get to talk about my favorite line from Showgirls (“I’m erect. Why aren’t you erect?”). Sadly, that topic probably won’t come up. I am guessing we will most likely be talking about lots and lots of videogames. And, what a coincidence, I love videogames!

The show is live (gulp!) and interactive, so the hosts will be taking viewer questions during the taping. Please feel free to contribute as much as possible!

I am nervous as heck, but am super excited to give Destructoid as much love as possible. Any last minute words of advice? Should I wear pants? Oh, and do they give an Emmy award for best guest on an interactive videogame Internet show? I sure hope so.

Chad Concelmo