Watch Eiji Aonuma unbox Zelda: Breath of the Wild Limited Edition

It’s the super expensive sold out edition

I rushed to a GameStop the morning that the special editions for Zelda: Breath of the Wild were announced, and found that my store only had three of them — I was third in line, but the guy in front of me “didn’t like Zelda.” Phew!

If you didn’t manage to get one (either the $100 version or the $130 edition featured here), you can watch Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma unbox it for you — or more specifically, the European rendition of the box. Similar to other Zelda special editions it’s pretty snazzy, but that limited run gold Wiimote for Skyward Sword was something else.

Like a lot of other Japanese developers that seem to love what they do, Aonuma is amazing. He even does the “dun dun dun dun” chest open jingle. It’s almost worth watching just for that!

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