Watch Dragon’s Dogma Online beta gameplay right now!

Free-to-play, free-to-slay

The free-to-play Dragon’s Dogma Online beta is now out in Japan on PS3, PS4, and PC for the lucky few who were selected to test it. Sadly the game hasn’t been announced for other regions, but never say never. For the time being, feast your eyes on what you’re missing out on.

Character creation looks par for the course. I’ve always wanted the ability to make fat characters which seemingly few games offer. I’d guess it is because you’d have to warp armor or make different pieces of armor to fit them and that would require more work.

Early gameplay shows off a battle against a cyclops that is used as kind of a tutorial. Graphically, the game looks somewhat bland and often dark, unlike most of the screenshots released so far. Perhaps the quality will increase for the full release. 

The multiplayer battles look like a lot of fun; a lot less MMO and a lot more Dark Souls. Somehow using a shield as a weapon seems far more fun in action than I’d have expected. 

Boss battles look like a ton of fun, as demonstrated above in battles with a huge cyclops and a spooky ghost-like wight. Hopefully Dragon’s Dogma Online gets localized outside of Japan so we all can take a ride on that one-eyed monster together.

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