Watch Dogs: Legion has a BattleBots-like robo-spider deathpit mode

SvS (Spider versus Spider)

There are about a dozen possible takeaways from Ubisoft announcing Watch Dogs: Legion‘s post-launch content plans. Maybe you’d like to focus on the fact that some is free and some is paid-for. Or, you might zero in on the fact that the protagonists from the first two games show up in the story DLC.

Me? I’d like to shine that spotlight on the unlicensed BattleBots multiplayer mode.

Soon after launch, Watch Dogs: Legion is getting a PvP mode called Spider-Bot Arena. It’s an eight-player deathmatch where everyone takes control of a mechanical arachnid. Hop, shoot, and destroy. What a tangled web we weave.

That’s just one reveal in this very detailed video. Let’s tackle the rest in bullet-point style:

Free updates:

  • Online open-world four-player co-op is coming on December 3, five weeks after the game first launches on October 29. This update will include new co-op missions and dynamic events. Tactical ops will be the most challenging cooperative missions, as they seem designed to function like raids.
  • The aforesaid Spider-Bot Arena also appears to be part of the December 3 update.
  • Invasion mode is coming back, which is a mode where you invade and hack other players’ games.
  • Ubisoft says more new game modes are planned but weren’t detailed in the video.
  • There are also new characters with new abilities, new missions, and new game-plus in the pipeline as free content.

Paid content:

  • To the surprise of absolutely nobody, there’s a season pass.
  • The first expansion, titled Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline, features a grizzled Aiden Pearce and Wrench from Watch Dogs 2. Bloodline promises “new storyline, new progression, and unique gameplay abilities.”
  • Season pass owners get access to four additional hero characters: Aiden Pearce, Wrench, Mina (a human test subject with mind control powers), and Darcy (a member of the Assassin Brotherhood because crossovers sell).
  • The season pass also comes with: three additional DedSec story missions, an exclusive car skin, and a digital copy of Watch Dogs: Complete Edition. They kinda just snuck that last one in there.
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