Watch Criterion demo the new Burnout Paradise Party Pack DLC

If your copy of Burnout Paradise has been rotting away on your game shelve for more than a few months now, you owe it to yourself to dust the case off and pop the game back into your system of choice.
With the onslaught of updates and downloadable content that have come out lately, you cannot even compare the current form of Burnout Paradise to its former self. The most recent content, called the Party Pack, is now available for purchase and can also be found in Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box.
The boys at Criterion are here to sell you on the idea of the Party Pack, which has up to 8 players trying to achieve the highest score for various rapid-fire challenges. Best of all, you only need one controller to play.
I resisted the urge to buy the Party Pack when I logged into Burnout Paradise last night to test out the new update that also went live yesterday, but this video has me questioning my decision. Did any of you purchase the DLC yet?
Jordan Devore
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