Watch Comic-Con footage of Platinum’s Transformers game

Where’s Transformers Animated 2??

Today, Hasbro announced the release date for Transformers: Devastation at its SDCC Generations panel. The game will be released on pretty much everything on October 6, 2015. Coincidentally, that will be the day I retreat into a Cybertron-themed cave until either I beat the game or die from hunger.

After playing it at E3 this year, I’m very excited. The combat somehow blends fluidity with the appropriate level of weight you would expect from giant robots, creating something you could only expect from Platinum. Considering the franchise’s spotty history with licensed products, it’s fair to assume the worst! But the fundamentals — the way the game plays — is what sets the great licensed games apart from the piles of trash infesting GameStop’s bargain bins.

There’s also a new gameplay trailer, packed with hints about other characters that will be appearing in the game. I spotted Blitzwing, fresh off his mediocre new Generations toy. Shockwave will be in the game as well, and since Megatron apparently won’t be the last boss, my money’s on him being the final encounter.

SDCC Hasbro Generations Panel Live! [TFW2005]

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